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Monday, December 06, 2004

You, who are restless tonight

Your heart beats to marching rhythms,
your breath is a travelling song.
Tamed and maimed are synonyms
to you. I knew this all along.

I’ve travelled far myself, you know,
And I know you must wander too.
So I’ll offer you this as you pack and go:
A future rendezvous.

When you’ve done what you must do alone,
And you’re ready for company,
Perhaps we’ll meet at a lone milestone,
And you’ll travel a while with me?

We can walk some roads together,
Perhaps share a meal, or two,
Shelter each other from bad weather,
Or, just for fun, walk through.

And as the miles and the sights go by,
Maybe, then, you’ll see
Not the jailor from whom you fly,
But the fellow traveller in me.

© Peter Griffin December 2004


Blogger CalmSeas said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

21/8/05 20:07  
Blogger CalmSeas said...

Excellent response. Hope to read many more of such exchanges in verse.

23/8/05 08:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is just wonderful....felt as if my own thoughts had been very beautifully put into words.lovely expression!

13/12/05 09:53  

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