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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

With or without your words

Your words?
They made me look.
i'll admit that, no pretenses.

But no,
They're not the hook.
i'll take - happily - your silences.

You see,
It's not the words so warm
That you so deftly spin

It's where they come from
That wonderful heart within.

When they won't play,
When tears, not words, glisten,

When you have nothing to say,
i'll be here, to listen.

© Peter Griffin - January 2005

jawaab to this


Blogger david raphael israel said...

superb, Peter, superb.

(Just glancing at this Jugalbandi for 1st time. Annie's likewise excellent -- both showing acute sense of form / thought / diction.)

14/9/05 19:22  
Blogger Astuti said...

love the poem... especially the line of "I'll happily take your silence"... deep! :) loved it peter

15/3/07 13:38  

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